Truong Nguyen

Email: thn2 [at]
Phone: +1 713.348.4393
August 2010 – Present

Gene expression was thought to be a steady-state process, however, recent data have shown that the expression level of a gene dynamically fluctuates throughout cell cycle. Furthermore, fluctuations in gene expression were shown to be different within single cells of an isogenic population. I’m interested in the origin and the effect of this fluctuation on cell fitness. My research focuses on the galactose-metabolic pathway (the GAL network) in budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. I want to know how different factors, such as glucose (an repressing agent) or gene positions and zygosity, affect the functionality and implementation of the GAL network. To answer these questions, I use microfluidic chips, microscale chemostat, which allow observation at single-cell level. As a result, trajectories of the expression of the GAL network can be tracked and measured. Results of this project will provide data for modeling network implementation under different conditions, and will elucidate characteristics of single-cell behavior within isogenic population.

Bachelor of Engineering: Biotechnology – Nong Lam University, Hochiminh City, Vietnam, 2005
Masters: Biotechnology – University of Queensland, Australia, 2009

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