Recent News

Dr Bennett, Dr Chappell and Dr. Silberg present synbio research at Rice Science Cafe in the newly built innovation hub!

Grant backs effort to build useful bacterial colonies. Article.

Synthetic cells make long-distance calls. Article.

Bacteria made to mimic cells, form communities. Article.

Models give synthetic biologists a head start. Article.

Rice U. biologists create toolkit for tuning genetic circuits. Article.

Our lab receieves new funding to investigate synthetic microbial consortia: Scientists seek to engineer chatter among cells.

The logic of synthetic biology: turning cells into computers..


Recent Publications

Zong DM, Sadeghpour M, Molinari S, Alnahhas RN, Hirning AJ, Ott W, Josić K & Bennett MR, “Predictable tuning of synthetic microbial consortium pulse generator dynamics.”Submitted (2021).

JMiller CA, Ho JML, Parks S & Bennett MR, “Macrolide biosensor optimization through cellular substrate sequestration.”ACS Synth Biol 10, 258-264 (2021).

Ho JML, Miller CA, Mattia JR & Bennett MR, “Improved pyrrolysine biosynthesis through continuous directed evolution of the complete pathway.” Nat Comm(2020) 12, 3914 (2021).

Alnahhas RN, Sadeghpour M, Chen Y, Frey A, Ott W, Josić J & Bennett MR, “Majority sensing in synthetic microbial consortia.”Nature Comm 11, 3659 (2020).[PDF]

Winkle JJ, Karamched BR, Bennett MR, Ott W & Josić K, “Emergent spatiotemporal population dynamics with cell-length control of synthetic microbial consortia,” PLOS Comp Biol 9, e1009381 (2021).

Ho JML, Miller CA, Parks S, Mattia J & Bennett MR, “A suppressor tRNA-mediated feedforward loop eliminates leaky gene expression in bacteria.” Nucl Acids Res (2020) [PDF]

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