Recent News

Models give synthetic biologists a head start (Article).

Rice U. biologists create toolkit for tuning genetic circuits. Article.

Our lab receieves new funding to investigate synthetic microbial consortia: Scientists seek to engineer chatter among cells.

The logic of synthetic biology: turning cells into computers.

Pi Day! On Pi Day, computational biologists (including Dr. Bennett) share what they love about math.

Food fight! Our lab receives new funding from the NIH to develop microbiome technologies.

Synthetic biologists developing cells programmed to target, destroy cancer, an article by the Genetic Literacy Project, mentions our work.

An article about our lab appeared in The Scientist.


Recent Publications

Zong DM, Cinar S, Shis DL, Josić K, Ott W & Bennett MR, “Predicting transcriptional output of synthetic multi-input promoters.” ACS Synth Biol 7, 1834-1843 (2018).[PDF]

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Cheng YY, Hirning AJ, Josić K & Bennett MR, “Signaling times in synthetic transcriptional cascades.” ACS Synth Biol 6, 1996-2002 (2017).[PDF]

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