Erin O’Brien

Email: erinobrien [at]
Phone: +1 713.348.4393
June 2010 – Present

My graduate work focuses on a native bistable gene network in the opportunistic pathogenic yeast, Candida albicans. This bistable gene network controls the white-opaque phenomena in C. albicans. This native network is an important model for understanding the transcriptional regulation of cell fate decision in eukaryotes. Using both experimental techniques, such as flow cytometry and microfluidic devices, and mathematical modeling, important transcriptional regulation motifs that control the white-opaque switch can be identified. These transcriptional regulation motifs have an important role in understanding developmental cell decisions in higher eukaryotes.

Bachelor of Science: Biochemistry, Genetics, Mathematics (Minor) – Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
Undergraduate Researcher: Peterson Lab – Texas A&M
Summer Researcher: Mooberry Lab – UT Health Science Center – San Antonio, Texas

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