Recent News

Our lab receieves new funding to investigate synthetic microbial consortia: Scientists seek to engineer chatter among cells.

The logic of synthetic biology: turning cells into computers.

Pi Day! On Pi Day, computational biologists (including Dr. Bennett) share what they love about math.

Food fight! Our lab receives new funding from the NIH to develop microbiome technologies.

Synthetic biologists developing cells programmed to target, destroy cancer, an article by the Genetic Literacy Project, mentions our work.

An article about our lab appeared in The Scientist.

Congratulations to former lab member Adam Atanas for receiving the Goldwater Scholarship!


Recent Publications

Sadeghpour M, Veliz-Cuba A, Orosz G, Josić K & Bennett MR, “Bistability and oscillations in co-repressive microbial consortia.” Quant Biol 5, 55-66 (2017). [PDF]

Gomez MM, Sadeghpour M, Bennett MR, Orosz G & Murray RM, “Stability of systems with stochastic delays and applications to genetic regulatory networks.” SIAM J Appl Dyn Syst 15, 1844-1873 (2016). [PDF]

Veliz-Cuba A, Gupta C, Bennett MR, Josić K & Ott W, “Effects of cell cycle noise on excitable gene circuits.” Phys Biol 13, 066007 (2016). [PDF]

Gomez MM, Murray RM & Bennett MR, “The effects of time-varying temperature on delayed gene networks.” SIAM J Appl Dyn Syst 15, 1734-1752 (2016). [PDF]

Sousa FL, Parente DJ, Shis DL, Hessman JA, Chazelle A, Bennett MR, Teichmann AS & Swint-Kruse L, “AlloRep: a repository of sequence and mutagenesis data for LacI/GalR transcription regulators.” J Mol Biol 428, 671-678 (2016). [PDF]

Veliz-Cuba A, Hirning AJ, Atanas AA, Hussain F, Vancia F, Josic K & Bennett MR, “Sources of noise in a synthetic gene oscillator.” PLoS Comp Biol 11, e1004674 (2015). [PDF]

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