Recent News

Jae's new paper on improving stochastic simulations of gene networks appeared in Biophysical Journal.

Read the Rice press release on David's new research here.

David's commentary on new biotechnologies using split T7 RNAP was published in Molecular Systems Biology.

Calvin Schmidt George J. Schroepfer, Jr. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry & Cell Biology.

Dr. Bennett was quoted in an interview on synthetic biology entrepreneurship.

Dr. Bennett gave a keynote speech at the Synthetic Biology Future Conference in Cork City, Ireland. The Silicon Republic held an interview with him before the event.


Recent Publications

Kim JK, Josic K & Bennett MR, “The validity of quasi-steady-state approximations in discrete stochastic simulations,” Biophys. J. 107, 783-793 (2014). [PDF]

Shis DL & Bennett MR, “The many facets of T7 RNA polymerase,” Mol. Syst. Biol. 10, 745 (2014). [PDF]

Gupta C, Lopez JM, Azencott R, Bennett MR, Josic K & Ott, W, "Modeling delay in genetic networks: From delay birth-death processes to delay stochastic differential equations." J. Chem. Phys. 140, 204108 (2014). [PDF]

Kim JK, Kilpatrick ZP, Bennett MR & Josic K, "Molecular mechanisms that regulate the coupled period of the mammalian circadian clock." Biophys. J. 106, 2071-2081 (2014). [PDF]

Hussain F, Gupta C, Hirning AJ, Ott WR, Matthews KS, Josic K & Bennett MR, “Engineered temperature compensation in a synthetic genetic clock.” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111, 972-977 (2014). [PDF]